Reasons Why You Need To Watch Happy Endings

So, last year, under the influence of narcotic infused cough syrup and antibiotics, I wrote a post trying to convince my best friend and confidant Emerald to start watching Arrow. She freaked, had a boygasm and said she’d watch the show; she never did. I’ve also told her to watch GIRLS (approx. 2 years), The Mindy Project (January of this year), Game of Thrones (think she started it but never got passed S1 E2), Breaking Bad (don’t think I even told her but now I am), Heathers (cause it was Mean Girls before Mean Girls) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (to which said, gross, no). However, she did watch Midnight In Paris…only after I bought her the DVD and then had to continuously ask her if she saw it yet.

Other people would have given up, other people would not be creating a post like this and other people would not be as obsessive as me but I ain’t no quitter, I’m a swallower. Ooo, I said that wrong.

In addition, to all those shows that I’ve already told her to watch, I’m adding a new one: Happy Endings.

Happy Endings was one of the best shows on TV, that no one watched. Which is why it ended up being cancelled by ABC in 2013. It still managed to last 3 glorious and hilarious seasons, full of ah-ma-zing moments and pop culture references that come at you a line a minute.

Emerald, and really just anyone reading this post, please, watch Happy Endings. It’s available on Netflix in Canada. Other countries in the world, I’m sure it’s available on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Prime (maybe), Hulu (maybe) and Roku (not sure if I made this one up).

1. The Most Perfect Cast Ever Assembled


2. Brad & Jane Are The Couple We All Want To Be

Brad and Jane Dream Team

Seriously, The Coolest!


They Just Get Each Other

Brad and Jane quote

They Always Want To Have Sex With Each Other


They’re Literal Pant Droppers


Seriously, Everything They Do Is Sexual


Oh, Boyyy

happy endings brad and jane

3. Emerald You’re A Penny!


Drunken Problems, right Em


Would Never Back Away From A Fight


Food Is One Of Your Friends


I Mean Come On, Tell Me I’m Wrong, Em.


Lastly, She Gets Me

Penny Hartz

Ahaha, Em, I Love You!


4. Alex is Adorable


Alex is Also Dumb


Alex’s Ellen Impression FTW


No, But She Dumb


Sometimes She Makes Sense

happy-endings-gifs- Alex

5. Dave Is Just, Um, Dave

Dave quote

It’s really hard to describe him.


But Sometimes He Strikes Gold


6. Max Is All Of Us


He Thinks What We Think


He Hibernates During The Winter Like A Bear

Max as a bear

He Totally Gets Us

Max Happy endings pizza gif

7. Their Halloween Costumes 1

Halloween Costume 1 Happy Endings

Their Halloween Costumes 2

halloween-costume happy endings

Not a Halloween Costume


8. It Gave Us Steaktanic

Steaktanic happy endings

And Mandonna

Mandonna Happy Endings

9. No One Does Pop Culture References Better


All Hail Yeezus

Watch The Throne HE

10. Don’t Get Me Started on Their One Liners

Bird gif happy endingsanigif_enhanced-buzz-24542-1360868408-1

One More Example

Brad and Jane HE

Maybe Just One More


11. The Show’s Special Language Is Am-Ah-Zing


Suh Cyuht

Suh Cyuht HE

12. Some Moments That Require No Explanation




drool happy endings


Max Bear HE

13. But Didn’t This Show Get Cancelled?

whore-mouth HE

14. How I Felt When Happy Endings Got Cancelled


15. Who Cares If They Cancelled It; You Should Still Watch It

Happy Endings yes

16. I Will Do Anything For You To Start Watching

Happy Endings Penny Hartz2

17. The Way You’ll Feel About Happy Endings Once You Start Watching It

Max I love it HE

18. So, Grab Some Friends & Some Drinks

Drinks Happy Endings

19. Or Just Yourself & Some Drinks

Max Drinking HE

20. And Watch Happy Endings! THE END!

Happy Endings Dance

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