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Nightcrawler Review

Nightcrawler is a cynical and satirical look at the media. It takes place in L.A. but this isn’t the sunny City of Angels, it’s the dark, seedy, unethical side of it. Its hero runs a small successful business by exploiting, deceiving and manipulating everyone who gets in his way. It fully commits to delivering the media slogan of, “If it bleeds, it leads,” to horrifying heights, never feeling the need to let the audience off easy. Oh and it’s a comedy.

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Gravity Review

Gravity is a dazzling film. From its start, right up to its end; it will have you in awe. One moment you will be admiring the scenery, the next you will be gasping for breath. Gravity is suspenseful, full of wonder, impressive in scale but most of all, Gravity, has a heart.

I was expecting Gravity to amaze me. Have you seen those trailers? I knew it would be a visual feast but I didn’t expect the simple but deep themes that Gravity tries to instil in its viewers. Themes of survival, loss, and the human response to disasters.

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World War Z Review

The zombie genre has been done to death by now (excuse the pun) but here comes World War Z to deliver a zombie film on a scale unlike any before it. There is no more hiding out at farms or hiding out at shopping malls, while the zombies are trying to break their way in. World War Z wants to bring the zombie genre to epic proportions and for the most part it succeeds in it. You get a tense and suspenseful roller coaster ride that only stumbles in the third act.

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