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24: Live Another Day Review

After season five 24 became nothing more than a show with great action and uninspired and redundant stories. The show and Jack Bauer were running on fumes. After season 8 ended, the cast and crew of the show talked for years about a possible movie. But what was finally decided was a 12 episode limited series that would still cover 24 hours but set in London. Maybe it was the long break, maybe it was the shorter episode order, maybe it was the change in location or maybe it was all of those things but 24: Live Another Day was an enjoyable season of 24 that made me want more seasons of 24 in the future.

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The Office: Season 9 Review

For nine years, we watched the crazy antics at Dunder Mifflin. We laughed, cried and connected with its entire cast of characters. Within that nine year run, the show became a huge cultural phenomenon. All of that, though, ended in the following years as the ratings and audience enthusiasm faltered. I was one of those people who felt that the show should have ended back in season 7 when Steve Carell’s, Michael Scott left the show. Despite that, I still stuck around, always feeling like the end was near.

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