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Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Review

Minor spoilers for season 3 follow. 

There is a sense of familiarity when you enter season 3 of Orange is the New Black. You know these characters now. For some, you know their pasts – while for others you know how they ended up at Litchfield. As familiar as Litchfield, and it’s inhabitants may seem, you can tell that something is different about twelve minutes into the season premiere. Twelve minutes is how long it takes for Piper to show up. Season 3 is the season where Orange is the New Black truly became an ensemble show. To the point, where I can see Piper leaving Litchfield, and the show continuing with the inmates who are still waiting to be released.

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Game of Thrones: Season 3 Review

*Review contains spoilers*

You can never experience a season of Game of Thrones without being shocked, wowed and captivated. It gave us twists and turns both unforeseeable and heartbreaking. Dealing with themes of leadership, the nature of power, and nobles vs their citizens. Game of Thrones handles these themes and its gigantic cast with such finesse, that it is hard to imagine this show any other way.

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Spartacus: War of the Damned Review

Note: *Review contains spoilers*


Spartacus concluded its run with a great season and a superb series finale, that was perfect in every way. Spartacus was a joy to watch over the years. With episodes delivering a solid mix of violence and sex that left viewers fully entertained. The violence and sex is just icing on the cake. At it’s core, Spartacus is a great drama filled with great characters and some of the most memorable lines of dialogue on TV.

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The Walking Dead: Season 3 Review

*Review contains spoilers*

I hated the second season of The Walking Dead. The lousy dialogue, the annoying portrayals of all the female characters, and the drawn out stories (it took them way too long to find Sophia). They really had one way to go and that was up and I found that they did.There was still some inconsistencies but for the most part season three was an action-packed adventure. AMC once again split the season in two halves and I found the first half of the season to be a lot more consistent and focused than the second half.

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