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Noah Review

You’ve never seen a Bible story done quiet like Noah before. This is not an adaptation, or a big budget retelling of the classic Biblical tale, this is the story of Genesis after a page one rewrite. It combines fantasy the way you see in Greek Myths, and big blockbuster films, with theological debates you usually find in smaller, more independent films. It is a flawed film, but even when it stumbles the moments it succeeds are truly remarkable. It’s basically a Bible film made for me.

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Star Trek Into Darkness Review

I will confess something right at the start of this review: I have never seen any of the original Star Trek movies or the TV show. I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, my dad is trekkie in the family but thanks to the Abrams films I will definitely be watching the original films soon.

Back to Star Trek Into Darkness, HOLY BALLS, I FREAKING LOVED THIS MOVIE! Oh man where to start, JJ. Abrams approached the second film intending to make it a bigger more badder Trek. It’s all here, the action, the character moments (for the two main leads at least), and a pace that does not slow down.

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