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The Wolverine Review

What is this like the fifth superhero movie of the year? Ok, it’s only the third, I think, but they all seem blur together nowadays. Most superhero movies operate on two formulas. One is to introduce a new villain, blow things up, save the female character in distress, and in the third act, CGI and massive destruction rules. The other is to make your hero go through some kind of existential crisis which allows him to find himself and accept what he is (Spider-Man 2, Man of Steel, Batman Begins). I say he because they’ve all been men but that is a discussion that belongs in another article all together. The Wolverine is special, in that it uses both formulas. The result is a good movie that turns sour in the last act, which feels like a completely different film than what it starts out being.

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Dark Shadows Review

Dark Shadows marks the eighth movie that director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp have made together and it’s not very good. I know blunt right, but it isn’t. The film is an adaptation of “Dark Shadows,” the 1966 cult supernatural TV show. It starts off good but just ends in a giant mess.

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The Great Gatsby Review

Hey guys, it’s me Shane, I’m in Italics today. Let me explain. I am a fan of Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby but one of my best friends, Emerald, is absolutely obsessed with the book and was beyond excited for this film to be released. Also like most women, she is in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, which I’m sure amplified her need to see this film. She knows the book inside and out and is the only person I could really trust to give the perfect review for The Great Gatsby. Despite being a fan I knew her review would be fair and critical and would highlight the key aspects of the film. She is the reason I read the novel and she is the reason, I had any excitement for the film whatsoever. She knows her stuff guys and hopefully I can convince her to write articles in the future.

Review written by Emerald.

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