HE’S ALIVE!!! Frankenweenie Review

Let’s all be honest Tim Burton hasn’t made a great film in years. Somewhere along the way he forgot what made his classic films, like The Nightmare before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, so great. That all changes with Frankenweenie. A film that will remind you, why you loved all those old Tim Burton films. He was always able to combine the weird with genuine heart. Films like Frankenweenie are rare these days, with Hollywood more concerned about shoving 3D, explosions and visual effects down our throats. Frankenweenie may use 3D but it has more than enough heart to make up for that mistake. Lets face it what movie doesn’t come in 3D now days.

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Game of Thrones: “Valar Doharies” Review

Review is full of spoilers

Duhhhhn duhhhhn dun-nuh-nuh-nuhhh…wasn’t it great to hear that song again. I miss this show and I am so glad that it’s back. This show is one of favourites and how could you not love it, I mean the first season was perfection and the second season was also near flawless. But Game of Thrones is back and more fantastical than ever and the world is just better for it.

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The Walking Dead: “Welcome to the Tombs” Review

Man, that was an underwhelming finale wasn’t it, but that’s The Walking Dead for you. Always inconsistent. Personally, I was expecting a big climactic clash between the Governor and Rick but that really never happened. A lot of fan favourties like Daryl and Michonne didn’t have much to do in this episode either but let’s get into the all of the details.

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My Favorite TV Shows? How Do You Decide?

Seriously I hate making these, “Best in,” whatever lists cause of the inner turmoil they bring about in me. There are so many shows to choose from and I like specific aspects about certain shows, so deciding which one is better is just hard and cruel. But I made the list anyways, just so you guys could read something. I created, what to me are the top tier shows on TV and I’m sure your lists might be different than mine but that will be because we are different people and our likes and opinions aren’t the same. I know some people will be like where is Homeland, where is Sons of Anarchy and the truth is I’ve never seen them. Life gets really busy and sometimes there is just no time but I will get around to them cause I’ve heard to many good things about both shows to ignore them. I should add that this list is NOT ranked, so don’t think I like one more than the other and I’m only talking about the CURRENT shows on TV not ones that don’t air anymore, that would make things so much harder. So without further ado, I give you my list of the top 5 TV dramas and comedies.

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The Walking Dead: This Sorrowful Life Review


The Walking Dead is one of those shows that does not handle dialogue well. There are actually a few writers on this show that can make dialogue feel natural and one of them was the writer of this episode and next season’s show runner Scott Gimple. The whole dialogue between Rick and Merle at the start of the episode was great because not only did it show Merle’s messed up mind but it also showed how unstable and unsure as a person he is. This really was Merle’s episode you found out more about him in one episode than we did in three seasons and just when we were finally getting to know the man they killed him. They Walking Dead has a habit of doing this for way too many characters, they did it to T-Dog this season and they did to Dale last season. What’s the point of getting us to care about them if you’re just going to kill them by the end of the episode. Also did Merle forget that he is a racist because he didn’t say a single racist word to Michonne during the car ride.

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