Veronica Mars Review

Kickstarted from cancelation, the Veronica Mars movie, had a lot riding on its shoulders. Not only did it have appease the show’s diehard fans and newcomers but also appease the over 90,000 backers, who, altogether chipped in a total of $5.7 million to fund the movie on Kickstarter. Creator and in this case writer and director, Rob Thomas, made a promise to fans, “We will deliver the Veronica Mars follow-up that you’ve always wanted,” and as a fan of the TV show, I think he and his team delivered on that promise.

It’s been nine years since Veronica Mars fled her troubled life in Neptune, California. Now a law school graduate living in New York, with her boyfriend, Stosh “Piz” Piznarski, she is ready to enter into the world of corporate law. She has given up her former life of being a teenage private detective, that is, until, her ex-lover, Logan Echolls, calls her for help when he is accused of murdering his current girlfriend.


“Look at us, falling right back into our old rhythms,” Logan tells Veronica. It really is like we never left these characters. Sure, a lot of time has passed, since the events of season three but what Veronica Mars really is, is the long awaited fourth chapter in the tale of a witty private detective.

On the surface, it looks exactly, like the show fans have come to love. You have the single over-arching case, the witty and snarky one-liners, everyone in the town of Neptune has the ability to spout, and all of it’s great characters. Veronica Mars uses the same formula as the show but only to create a sense a familiarity for it’s already established fan base. However, the movie never recycles its source, instead choosing to reimagine it and be an extension of an already existing world and story. Many TV shows, when they’re adapted to film they tend to be a simple story, offering minimal to no character evolution. Veronica Mars, makes drastic changes to its characters lives, while also offering a realistic murder-mystery story; no last minute plot twist that causes eye-rolling to be found here.


Veronica Mars, is complete fan-service and that is not a bad thing, it’s just becomes hard to recommend it to anyone who wasn’t a fan of the TV series. The film does a brief recap of the major events from the past three seasons so you won’t be in the dark. You just won’t understand all the callbacks, references and how these characters relationships and personalities have evolved to where they are when the movie starts. Even if you have not seen the show, I’d recommend you watch the movie. Saw it with a friend of mine who ended up enjoying the movie, so much, he went back to watch the series.

The movie may revolve around a case but its major story is one of self-realization. Veronica has a job waiting for her back in New York and she has to decide between a new life, a fresh start, or being dragged back into the Hellmouth that is Neptune.

That’s when you realize that Veronica has not changed. This story is more about Veronica returning to who she was a teen. It’s more about Veronica coming to realize who she really is; that she’s not addicted to the allure of the dark side but that it’s her nature.

Kristen Bell Veronica Mars gif

The ending of Veronica Mars gives hope that future instalments might be on the way but even if they’re not happening, this movie serves as a way to close Veronica’s previous chapters and open a new one at the same time. It’ll be like, The Sopranos, we can imagine how future stories play out.

Even if you have never seen an episode of Veronica Mars, I’d recommend checking out this movie. Who knows, you might end up going back and consuming the first three seasons. Veronica Mars, the movie, is the episode fans wanted.

Score: 8.0 out of 10

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