Take Five: My Top Five Films of Summer 2013

September is here and school is about to start which means that summer is over and so is the summer movie season. There were plenty of great movies, but for me, most of the tentpole movies of the summer were mediocre. Regardless, I still have 5 movies that stood above the rest.

5. This is the End

1170481 - The End Of The World

The funniest film of the summer, This Is the End, brings Seth Rogen and his friends together to party and experience the end of the world. The script may be nonexistent but the improv performances by all the actors made up for that. There were also great cameos by actors playing versions of themselves, giving more creditability to the alternate Hollywood the film created. You will laugh your heart out, what more could you ask from a great summer film.

4. Blue Jasmine


Woody Allen’s films are a coin toss. Some turn out to be superb, while others fail to impress. Blue Jasmine sees the director in spectacular form, this late in his career. Benefiting from an amazing cast led by Cate Blanchett, who gives a comic and tragic performance. Even if you can’t get into the story you will be riveted by Blanchett.

3. The Spectacular Now


Never would I have thought that I’d end up loving, what is primarily a teen drama, as much as I loved The Spectacular Now. It avoids all the usual shortcomings of a typical teen drama/coming of age story. The characters feel like real 18 year olds, mainly because of the great performances from it’s young cast. It is a lovely, sincere and refreshing take on teens and their attitudes about the future.

2. The World’s End 


It might suffer from being this year’s second end of the world comedy but Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s film is incredibly clever, funny, charming and heartfelt. It is their most emotional film to date. It is my favorite action film of the summer and while most big summer tentpole films were a disappointment, this was not. It also holds up well when compared to other big summer movies considering it was only made with $20 million. Really, you’d expect nothing but greatness from the guys who brought us Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

1. Before Midnight


The third film in what, for me, is the best darn trilogy I’ve ever seen. It’s been nine years since we poked our noses into the lives of Celine and Jesse, since then, they have had kids and are trying to maintain a family. Not since, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has a film shown a love story with an expiry date. Their love, in past films, was based on fleeting passion and now they are struggling to maintain their relationship. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play their characters like they never stopped being them. Everything in the film is absolutely perfect. This is a love story worth experiencing.

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