In Defence: Let’s Give Ben Affleck a Chance

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It has been over 48 hours since Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. By now people have tweeted, ranted, commented, posted, memed, petitioned and who knows what else but it does not change the fact that Ben Affleck will be the next Batman. I’ll be honest, Ben Affleck wasn’t my first choice to be Batman but he doesn’t make me go, “Why the fuck did they choose him?” All I’ve seen on the internet so far is hate and anger towards him. The people who try to defend him are engulfed by a sea of internet hate. Having a normal debate or conversation about this seems futile. I’m not here to say that Ben Affleck will be the best Batman ever but why not give him a chance. Why not listen to my reasons about why I think Affleck deserves a second chance at playing a superhero and why I think it won’t be like the last time.

It was 10 years ago…

Guys, Daredevil and Gigli were 10 years ago, LET IT GO! First, Affleck was not the only problem Daredevil had, so it is unfair to blame him for how that film turned out. The fact that people are bringing up Gigli and Jennifer Lopez has me dumfounded. People are too focused on the negatives of his career but no one seems to be bringing up Hollywoodland. That film marks the beginning of a new era for Affleck. Affleck was absolutely superb in the film, giving us a sympathetic performance of a good-looking actor falling on hard times. The people who are complaining that he doesn’t have the depth to play Batman have not seen his performance in the film. Affleck is the reason to watch Hollywoodland, he is that good and you sort of get to see him play Superman. From then on Affleck’s career has done nothing but gone up. From directing films such as Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo to starring in State of Play, Extract, To the Wonder and his own films. His performances have all been solid, so why would you now worry all of a sudden.

He bounced back


In the last seven years Ben Affleck has given us some great films. I think he has more than atoned for all his past failures. Why are people now thinking that he has made the biggest mistake of his career? His career should be dead right now. He should have been starring in the last Scary Movie along Charlie Sheen but instead he was busy winning an Oscar. He has turned everything around for himself, so have a little faith that he knows what he’s doing. His ability to bounce back from his Gigli-era to becoming an A list actor/writer/director is why him playing Batman shouldn’t be bad thing.  It doesn’t seem like he plans on stopping anytime soon cause he’s currently shooting a film with David Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club), then going on to play Batman and then will probably direct his next Oscar winning film. He has learned and grown so much over the last few years, I feel he has a lot to bring to the role now.

He Can’t Physically Play Batman

Yes, the devilishly good looking, six foot three actor, with his solid jawline can’t possibly play Batman/Bruce Wayne. Out of all actors who have played Batman in the past, Affleck is the only one who looks the freaking part. This might finally get Affleck to shave the beard or maybe we’ll get out first bearded Dark Knight, I say yes please.

R.I.P Heath Ledger

The moment the hate towards Affleck started, I started having vivid flashbacks to when the casting of Heath Ledger was announced as Joker. “Brokeback Mountain is playing Joker” and, “what, is he going to kiss Batman,” where a few of the many comments made by the internet and fanboys at the time. That obviously all changed when they saw Ledger’s performance, with many claiming him to be the best Joker ever. I myself remember, thinking that they just chose another pretty boy to play a character that is filled with so much darkness. Since then, I have taken back everything I have ever said about Ledger pre The Dark Knight. It wasn’t only Ledger, Michael Keaton (in the Burton’s Batman films) and Daniel Craig (when cast as James Bond) were faced with similar hate and now look how loved their performances are.

Everyone’s a Casting Director


No one knows the range that Affleck possess. No one can possibly predict how bad or good his performance is going to be, all we can do is wait and hope that he will be great. We don’t know the audition he gave, what the producers saw in him or any of the things that transpired behind the scenes. If studios listened every time fanboys hated on an actor, half the comic book films we have now wouldn’t have ever been made. It is better to hold any reservations you have until you’ve at least seen a trailer.

The internet is a weird place, once the hate starts pouring in it always gets hot and frothy, to a point where an actual discussion isn’t even possible. So it with great fear that I post this. I’m not saying that Affleck is the perfect choice to play Batman, he wasn’t in my top 3 – Jon Hamm, Idris Elba, and Josh Brolin were – but they weren’t chosen, Affleck was. Nothing can’t be done about that, why not wait and see if he can do justice to the character. He has tasted humiliation and has turned his personal and work life around, he has a closer connection to Batman than anyone in Hollywood right now. Affleck has been paid to dress up as Daredevil, Superman and now Batman, while we continue to do it for free. He has already won.

Argofuckyourself Affleck haters; give him a freaking chance.

Haters gonna hate Batman

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