We’re the Millers Review

I heard about this film but had no real interest in seeing it. Never watched a trailer, just knew that Jennifer Aniston played a stripper and that people wanted to see the film because of it. My friends took me to see but didn’t tell me that we were seeing it because they probably knew I’d protest against it. But I saw, I laughed and I had a good time.

When veteran pot dealer David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) gets his stash of pot and money robbed he is left with no choice by his boss to fly down to Mexico and smuggle, “a smidge” of pot back into the US. To do this he creates a plan to avoid detection at the border by gathering a group of misfits to pose as his family. Rose the stripper (Jennifer Aniston), Kenny the boy who lives in his building (Will Poulter), and Casey a homeless girl (Emma Roberts). Safe to say things don’t go according to the plan and hilarity ensues.

We're the Millers cast

I said hilarity ensues and it really does. We’re the Millers, is a funny film. It was not a quite theatre at all, I myself was dying of laughter numerous times. Maybe it had something to do with me not watching the trailer, cause it really gives away the entire film (I watched the trailer after I saw the film). The jokes are funny, even if a few last longer than they should. Making you laugh is not the problem of the film, the problem is that We’re the Millers does not have an original story or plot point in its entire script.

You’ll see every story beat coming a mile away. You know the drug dealers will chase them, you know the cops will somehow get involved, you know Sudeikis’ character will realize his mistakes, find redemption and the family you know he secretly desires. Not to mention every beat of the trailer plays out in chronological order, only the film’s endgame is not shown in the trailer. Don’t worry it doesn’t ruin all the jokes, there are some really funny moments to look forward too.

The main reason to enjoy this film is the cast. Jason Sudeikis proves that he will have a career after Saturday Night Live. Jennifer Aniston is great, playing a character you’d normally never see her play. It seems after Horrible Bosses she really wants to drop being typecast as the beautiful girl next door. Everyone else in the film is fine but Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn are the real scene stealers. Their scenes are a complete deviation from the plot and they change up the dynamic of the core cast. Forcing Sudeikis’ fake family to try to behave around them, while coming across as crazy to others who do not understand their true relationship. Also the two of them are just plain funny, proving how important comedic timing is. The antagonists of the film, however, are completely underused. They function more as plot points, only popping up on screen to give our heroes a hard time and reminding us that, oh yeah, the story is supposed to be dealing with drug dealers.

J Aniston We're the millers

We’re the Millers, is an R-rated film but the film’s concept feels PG13. This makes all the crude moments feel out of place. The film throws all manner of crude content at you but the biggest moment has to be the showing of swollen testicles, which did nothing but gross me out. Instead of using the situation to do something truly funny the director opted to show it. Because the film is trying to be sweet and give a family oriented message, situations like this feel out of place, like they are only there to get that R rating.

Despite having a feeing of familiarity, We’re the Millers is a fun film. Don’t watch the full trailer because it’s a spoiler. I would have most probably felt differently about the film if I had seen it. It’s also hard for me to recommend people see it in theatres cause there isn’t anything unique or special about it. I say rent it and watch it at home, it’s one of those films you watch once and then never end up revisiting it again. Especially with such great R-rated comedies, as Hangover, Horrible Bosses, Bridesmaids and this years This Is The End, We’re the Millers ends up being forgettable in comparison.

Score: 6 out of 10


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