Game of Thrones: “Valar Doharies” Review

Review is full of spoilers

Duhhhhn duhhhhn dun-nuh-nuh-nuhhh…wasn’t it great to hear that song again. I miss this show and I am so glad that it’s back. This show is one of favourites and how could you not love it, I mean the first season was perfection and the second season was also near flawless. But Game of Thrones is back and more fantastical than ever and the world is just better for it.

This season picks up mere moments or hours from where Season 2 left off with the Nights Watch defending themselves from the White Walkers. Yea I know they didn’t actually show the attack but the cold opening with Sam running through the blizzard and being attacked was great nonetheless. It connected us to the last image we saw in the finale and lead to Mormont’s bleak warning. I have to address how much I feel for a character like Sam. He is someone who’s accused of being a coward, yet he rises up to the challenge, even though  he may fail. It is because he isn’t the strongest but that’s not cowardice. It makes me care about him even more and I want to see him continue to grow because he has evolved a lot from the boy who used to jump into the fetal position during training.

Jon Snow is one of the first characters we catch up with and besides meeting Mance Rayder he comes across a giant. I love how this show just casually adds a giant and is like yea they exist. The one thing I have always loved about this show and I know I’m not alone is how it slowly weaves fantasy elements into the show. Mance’s introduction was great. Not only did we learn about why he is in-charge, we also found out why the wildlings would follow a man like Mance. Jon was able to lie his way into their group and also managed to point out that he is doing exactly what Mance himself did in the past.


We head over to King’s Landing next. Where Tyrion is and all his scenes are just so fun to watch. His scenes with Bronn, Cersei, and Tywin were great and they were great for different reasons. You got to see a different side to Tyrion in all those scenes. With Cersei it felt like a passive-aggressive conversation with your arch enemy, with Bronn it showed their bromance, and with Tywin, it was all sorts of intense.

The one this show has always done right and still continues to knock it out of the park, is putting two characters in a room and letting them just talk. But the dialogue is never boring and you can’t help but hang on every word they say. Season one had those great moments with Robert Baratheon and Cersei, season two had Arya and Tywin bantering back and forth and so far this season has Tywin and Tyrion.

The scene with Tyrion and Tywin was intense to watch and it reminded us what we sort of forgot in season two is that Tyrion was born into a cursed life. He is blamed for his mother’s death and is seen as a monster, not only by his father, but also the world around him. The way he has been treated has clearly made him into the humble person that he is. How could he not when he hears lines like, “I would let myself be consumed by maggots before handing over Casterly Rock.”

While Tyrion is getting crap from everyone, Margaery is doing something, no idea what her long term plan is but she’s doing something. Cersei knows she’s up to something, but what exactly is her endgame, only Margaery knows. She comes across as a very calculated person and going to that orphanage was an extremely calculated decision and so was her her line about not understanding politics. Only Joffrey believed that and speaking of the douche, Joffrey seemed perplexed and intrigued by her, so only good things can come from that. *Smiles sarcastically*


Lastly, I have to mention my favourite character on the show besides Tyrion and that is Daenerys. I love this character. Her story is one of a young girl who has had all these trials thrown at her and she has grown so much from them. But first DRAGONS! I totally freaked when it popped up, all fire breathing and scaly. Ugh freaking dragons! Sorry, back to Dany who’s still trying to amass an army and clearly interested in those slave warriors. Can I just say that nipple slicing, was just hard to watch. Not only does Dany have to build this army but those damn warlocks are after her. There is no reason for them to be after her, they stole her dragons, um sorry they had it coming. Also Barristan is back and ready to take Joffrey’s head, after he basically fired him the Kingsguard. More people who want Joffrey dead, I can get behind that.

There were a couple of other smaller scenes with Rob, Ser Davos and Sansa but nothing came out of it. The only thing I noticed is that Melissandra clearly sees some worth of having Davos around cause she didn’t burn him like the others. She also clearly has something planned.

In Sansa’s scene we found out that Lord Baelish wants to help her escape King’s Landing but trusting him is absolutely impossible. I did love the dialogue with Shae and Rose. It gave us this other point of view that we rarely see on this show. We spend a lot of time with the royals and the upper class that we forget what, “the help” think about what’s going on around them.

That is the beauty of Game of Thrones every character has two sides them, you can never tell what they’re going to do. They are nuanced and just damn awesome.

I tried really hard to find something negative about this episode and really all I could think about was that there was no Arya, Jaime, or Bran, but that is understandable. Considering how big the cast is and the fact that they decided to split the 3rd book in half, we won’t be seeing everyone in every episode. That is also the only problem I ever seem to find with Game of Thrones, which is that sometimes there is just so much going on that it hard to keep track of everything across this massive world.

All that said, Game of Thrones returned, in fine form, and a lot of the stories will definitely unfold as the season progresses.

Score: A-

Note: Not sure if I’m going to do a review for every episode, maybe just the ones that have something big going on in them. But I will do a review for the finale and a complete season 3 review at the end for sure. Although, if something exciting does happen I might not be able to control myself and might have to write about it.

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