The Walking Dead: “Welcome to the Tombs” Review

Man, that was an underwhelming finale wasn’t it, but that’s The Walking Dead for you. Always inconsistent. Personally, I was expecting a big climactic clash between the Governor and Rick but that really never happened. A lot of fan favourties like Daryl and Michonne didn’t have much to do in this episode either but let’s get into the all of the details.

I loved the cold opening with the Governor beating the crap out of Milton. I was actually upset when the Governor lethally stabbed him and left him to die, because I found him to be an interesting character. He knew the Governor before he was in charge of Woodbury and I felt that he had more to share but alas poor Milton, he will be missed, by me at least. I did love the Governor leaving Milton there, almost like a ticking time bomb but it angered so much, when Andrea kept constantly stopping to check on Milton or talk to him. I was screaming, “WHY ARE YOU STOPPING!” Milton is dying and she would too if she didn’t hurry up and focus on getting out of the handcuffs. Andrea is just a frustrating character on this show and it seemed she was going to remain like that.

The Governor, on the other hand, was stellar. It was great to see David Morrissey go full on crazy mode. He delivered his lines with such menace when he told Milton, “She’d be afraid of me, but if I’d been like this from the beginning she’d be alive.” Also it happened again in the utterly terrifying way he said, “Thank you,” to Tyreese.

The Governor’s attack was great and fun to watch (complete with exploding zombies). It ending up being a trap was cool and all but I did however find the whole attack to be anticlimactic. Although seeing Maggie and Glenn in riot gear was a nice tip to the comics.


I know some people will see what Carl did (shooting the guy that was apparently surrendering) as uncalled for, but this is the world they live in now and trusting a stranger is a big risk. Also my sister pointed out that Carl said to drop the gun but the guy was handing it to him instead. So that would appear extremely sketchy. I will say this, I find that Carl is following the Governor mantra of, “you kill or you die.” I do also like the points he brought up to Rick showing that this was not a black or white situation but one that is easily up for debate.

The one situation that actually made me say, “holy shit,” was the Governor gunning down his own people, but I can’t believe that no fired back but instead chose to run away. The one guy, Allen, who raised his gun didn’t even fire. Also really none of his lieutenants did anything, they looked scared, as if they didn’t agree about what he just did but they did nothing. I mean he crossed the line, killing his own, I would have thought that someone would have gunned him down. On the other hand, the Governor is now out there and David Morrissey becoming a series regular means that we will be seeing a lot more of him in Season 4.


I’ll be honest I jumped for joy when Andrea died, she was just a frustrating character in season 2 and she was the same way in season 3. Since I didn’t care at all about Andrea I found it hard to care about the ending, since it was entirely dependent on her final goodbye. She said, “she tried,” but I couldn’t help saying, “well yea but you failed.” She was just a poorly written character who just did frustrating and unlikable things all season. Also the episode Prey feels so freaking useless now. The one where she tried to escape but ended up getting caught. An episode that now comes across more as a filler. The one good thing that came from Andrea’s death was Michonne breaking down and crying, it was great to see some emotion from her, instead of her usual robotic scowl. Besides that, the ending fell flat for me.

The bus of everyone from Woodbury coming to the prison was weird and I found myself asking why? The whole thing seemed off and just looked as an easy way to get new characters into the show. Now we have a lot of new unknowns joining the group, many of whom will probably just end up being red shirts. Tyreese and his sister joining the group though was great, finally they are where they should be.

Also Michonne has come a long way from her scowling and angry self, who never said a word. She finally apologized to Rick for not saying thank you to him earlier and it makes me thankful to the writers for redeeming her. They weren’t able to do it for Andrea but at least Michonne got it.

There really was nothing that made me excited for next season. Unless I think about the fact that the Governor is still out there, but really nothing made me excited for the 4th season. Something went wrong in the writer’s room because there was no climax to this episode. The attack on the prison happened way to soon and fizzled out at the end. It was an anti-climactic episode that didn’t deliver on the confrontation it was building up too.

Score: C


8 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: “Welcome to the Tombs” Review”

  1. I agree with just about everything you said; about halfway through the episode I realized that the excitement was over. Wasn’t the initial attack on Woodbury much more exciting? And didn’t it have more action? The whole thing felt like a mid-season finale, not a season finale.

    I think you were generous – I would give this episode a D+

    1. Yea I might have been too generous but I also took into account all of the things that I liked about the episode and there were a few. I completely agree with you about the mid-season finale being way more exciting than this finale was and yea it was extremely action-packed. Also this finale, never gave us anything to chew on while we wait for the next season.

  2. I am glad that Andrea is dead, Such an annoying character.
    I honestly don’t see where the show is going.
    Might have another drawn out season similar to 2 coming up.
    They hyped up the confrontation too much for what it was.

  3. I agree, losing Andrea was anti-climatic – and this is coming from someone wh liked her as a character! Remember Andrea came from a family where her dad was very good at looking after her and making the right decisions for her. In a sense Dale took over that role for her & when he died she had to find a replacement. The Gov turned out to be it.

    1. I agree with Dale being a father figure, but it felt like she pushed Dale away and choose Shane. So she was making her own decisions at that point. She was learning to fight and defend herself so she wasn’t dependent on anyone. I always felt that she was blinded by who the Gov really was, not dependent on him, and she turned out to be the last one to find out, which turned out to be too late for her.

      1. I think she was the classic ‘can’t be a whole woman without a man’ stereotype 🙂 And these women usually don’t know how to make good decisions, and when they have to start making them on their own, they make the crappiest decisions ever :-/

  4. Oh, & I think Andrea nearly making it back to the prison an even better episode now that she’s dead. She battled SO hard to do the right thing and failed anyway 😦

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